About US

Alupe University is a Kenyan University located on a 200 acre piece of land, approximately 7 kilometres from Busia town on the Busia-Malaba Road and 23 kilometres from Malaba town, which are both border towns linking Kenya and Uganda. It is situated in Busia County and is currently the only Public University in the county. AU is a product of a memorandum handed to former President of Kenya, His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki, on 18th September, 2007 by the then Busia Community. It began as the Alupe Campus of Moi University in 2008. Later on it was established through the Alupe University College Order 2015, Gazette Notice No 153 of 24th July 2015 as a Constituent College of Moi University after a wide range of intergovernmental and ministerial consultations. The University College currently runs four schools i.e. School of Education and Social Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Business Economics and Human Resource Development, and School of Science. In its neighbourhood are KEMRI, KALRO and LBDA facilities which provide partnership opportunities with their scientists in teaching, research and extension services to the Kenyan populace in the vicinity.


To Create, Evaluate, Apply, Preserve and Share Knowledge in a Free, Open and Inclusive Environment of Intellectual Inquiry for the Betterment of Society


To be World Class University that is committed to Achieve Academic Excellence, Integrity and Quality Research.

Core Values

Professionalism : Embrace integrity in teaching, learning and research 

Creativity and Innovation : Commitment to promoting and supporting resourcefulness and the advancement of new ideas 

Excellence : Commitment to quality teaching, research and service delivery

Good Corporate Governance : Prudent management of resources and best practice in leadership

Customer focus : Endeavour to provide services that meet the needs of the client

Teamwork : Promotion of a spirit of working together, internally and externally in an open and respectful way;