Dr. Muhambe Titus Mukisa

Senior Lecturer, Computer Science.

School of Science, Technology and Engineering (SSTE) School of Science,


Dr. Muhambe, Titus Mukisa holds a bachelor of Science degree (BSc) from Moi University and an MSc and PhD degrees from the School of Computing and Informatics of the University of Nairobi. In addition, he is a professional member of ACM since 2013 and holds several high level professional certifications (Cisco and Microsoft). His research interests include information systems modeling, cyber security, mHealth & eHealth systems, technology adoption and New generation computer networks technologies. He is experienced in supervision and examination of MSc and Doctoral thesis in the fields of computer science, information technology and information systems. He is a highly competent and reliable Senior Lecturer, consultant, trainer and mentor at undergraduate, postgraduate and industry levels. He has been and continues to be active as a coordinator and team lead in several research projects including; Dynamic Costing Model for Healthcare (funded by GIZ) and Health-IT project – a project that aimed at strengthening Health Information Systems and county level (covering Kisumu, Vihiga, Siaya and Busia Counties) and funded by USAID. information.

Academic Qualifications

• BSc (Moi University)

• MSc Information Systems (University of Nairobi)

• PhD Information Systems (University of Nairobi)

Research Interests

• Information Systems Modeling and Security

• eHealth & mHealth modeling, adoption and Sustainability

• Computer Networks Protocols and Cyber Security

• eLearning

• ICT4D (Agriculture, Health, Education and Climate Change)


Journal Publications:


·       Computer Networking Hands-on Laboratory Manual: Information Technology (For Publication in 2024)


·       Computer Networking: A practical approach to Design, Implementation, Maintenance and Management {Under review by publisher}


·       Fundamentals of Information Technology: A practical Approach. {Under review by publisher}


Journal Articles

v  Muhambe, T. M. & Ochieng, O. D. (2015). Tackling the disease burden: A case for mHealth in Kenya. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences (JETCIS), Vol. 6 No. 8, August 2015) (Peer reviewed)


v  Muhambe, T. M. & Ochieng, O. D. (2013). Post adoption evaluation model for cloud computing services utilization in Universities in Kenya. International Journal of Management and Information Technology, Vol 5, No 3 (2013) pg. 614 – 628 (Peer Reviewed)


v  Muhambe, T. M., Ochieng, O. D. & Waiganjo, P. W (2017) Evaluating the Sustainability of mHealth Systems in Developing Countries: the Knowledge Gap. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR). Volume 6 Issue 7, July 2017 (Peer Reviewed)


v  Muhambe, T. M., Ochieng, O. D. & Waiganjo, P. W (2018) Proposing Evaluation Constructs for Evaluating the Sustainability of mHealth Systems – Deficiencies in the existing sustainability Evaluating Models. International Journal of Computers and Technology. Vol 17. No.1 Pg. 7153 – 7161, March 2018 (Peer Reviewed)


v  Opiyo, P. O.  Muhambe, T. M. Makiya, C. R. (2019) An Evaluation of Hybrid Machine Learning Classifier Models for Identification of Terrorist Groups in the aftermath of an Attack. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET). Volume: 06 Issue: 09 | Sep 2019


v  Oonge S. O., Muhambe, T. M., Ratemo, M. C., (2021) A Bring Your Own Device Risk Assessment Model. International Journal of Security (IJS) 12 (2), 15 -34


v  Oonge, O. S., Muhambe, T. M., and Ratemo, M. C., (2020) Adoption of Bring Your Own Device: Challenges and Risks in Higher Learning Institutions in Kenya. International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research. Volume 9, Issue 11, Pages 303-310


v  Muhambe, T. M., and Murumba, J. (2023). A Review of Smartphone as an Office: Security Risks and Mitigation Measures. Science, Engineering and Technology 3 (1), 1 – 9


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v  Muhambe, T. M., Ochieng, O. D. & Waiganjo, P. W (2023). The Ownership Factor in Sustainability of mHealth Systems. Submitted Journal of Health Informatics in Developing Countries.  (Submitted -Review ongoing)


Lectures (Postgraduate Seminar Series)


Classes taught

·       COM 323: Information Systems Security

·       COM 326: Software Development

·       COM 431: Human Computer Interface Design

 ·        COM 423: Projects (Computer Science)

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Official Contact Details

• Email: muhambe@au.ac.ke

• Telephone: +254-720-048445/ +254-733-754070