Mr. Korkoren kenneth

Lecturer Applied Mathematics

School of Science, Technology & Engineering

Department of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science School of Science,


Korkoren Kenneth currently works at Alupe University, School of Science, Technology & Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science. Kenneth is an MSc Holder in Applied Mathematics with a special interest in Modeling & Simulation and also a registered graduate Engineer under the serial number B15356. Currently pursuing a PhD with Moi University & Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI), Joint Research under ACEII (PTRE).

Academic Qualifications

MSc in Applied Mathematics

Year of award: 2015

Theses Title: Mathematical model of variable speed pitch regulated turbine in a wind energy conversion system.

Awarding institution: University of Eldoret

Graduate Engineer

Year of award: 2018

Awarding institution: Engineers Board of Kenya

Research Interests

• Modeling and Simulation.

• Modeling Energy Mix and Optimization in a Hybrid Dryer with Moi University & KIRDI Joint Research under ACEII (PTRE).

•Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Journal Publications:

1. American Journal of Mathematical Science and Applications 2(1) • January-June 2014 • ISSN: 2321-497X• pp. 33-39 MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF VARIABLE SPEED PITCH REGULATED TURBINE IN A WIND ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM K. Korkoren, A. W. Manyonge and J. Rading

2. Asian Research Journal of Mathematics 3(2): 1-9, 2017; Article no.ARJOM.32033 ISSN: 2456-477X MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF A CLOSED LOOP PITCH CONTROLLED TURBINE IN A WIND ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM Korkoren Kenneth Cheruiyot

3. Physical Science International Journal 15(4): 1-5, 2017; Article no.PSIJ.34433 ISSN: 2348-0130 CLOSED LOOP CONTROL CIRCUIT DESIGN OF AN AUTOMATIC FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM Korkoren Kenneth Cheruiyot

4. Asian Journal of Physical and chemical Sciences 4(4):1-5,2017;Article No AJOPAPCS.34355 ISSN: 2456-7779 SWITCHING CIRCUIT DESIGN OF AN AUTOMATIC FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM o Korkoren Kenneth Cheruiyot

Classes taught

Applied Mathematics Courses

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Official Contact Details

Email: korkorenkenneth@gmail.com, kcheruiyot@au.ac.ke

Telephone number(s): 0728813804