Dr. Wycliffe Osabwa - Ayieko

Lecturer of Educational Foundations

School of Education and Social Sciences

Department of Curriculum Instruction and Educational Foundations


Wycliffe Osabwa is a graduate teacher by profession, duly registered under the Teachers Service Commission. He taught at secondary school for 12 years before moving to the university level. He is currently the Acting Chairperson, Department of Curriculum Instruction and Educational Foundations where he teaches Educational Foundations courses. He has several journal publications, and is also a newspaper commentator (The Daily Nation) where he writes on education, public governance, and socio-political issues.

Academic Qualifications

Doctor of Education in Philosophy of Education (2022) from Kenyatta University. Thesis title: Education for Development of a Skilled Human Resource in Kenya: Argument for a Sound Educational Philosophy.

Master of Education in Philosophy of Education (2016) from Kenyatta University. Thesis title: An Analysis of the Pedagogical Approaches to Character Formation in Kenyan Schools: In Search of an Alternative.


Bachelor’s degree in Education (Arts) from Kenyatta University (2005).

Research Interests

Educational theory and praxis; qualitative research in education; and philosophical anthropology.


Journal Publications:

He has published the following:


Book Publication

1.     Osabwa, W. (2019) Character Formation: An Analysis of the Pedagogical Approaches Used in Kenyan Schools. Beau Bassin: Lambert Academic Publishing


Journal Articles

2.     Osabwa, W., Ndichu, F. M., Malenya, F. L. (2022). Essentialist Education as Foundation for Lifelong Learning: A Case for Development of a Versatile, Skilled Human Resource in Kenya. International Journal of Recent Research in Thesis and Dissertation, 3(2), 131-136. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7153007

3.     Osabwa, W. (2022). Coming to Terms with COVID-19 Reality in the Context of Africa’s Higher Education: Challenges, Insights, and prospects. Frontiers in Education, 7:643162. https://doi.org/10.3389/feduc.2022.643162


4.     Osabwa, W., Ogeno, J. L., Nyanje, D. (2022). Examining the Intricacy of Character Formation among Kenyan Children: The Diminishing Role of Schools. European Journal of Education and Pedagogy, 3(1), 51-56 https://doi.org/10.24018/ejedu.2022.3.225 


5.     Omulando, C., & Osabwa, W. (2021). Students’ Readiness to Adopt E-Learning: A Case Study of Alupe University College, Kenya. Journal of Education and Practices, 3(2), 10-25. http://journals.essrak.org/index.php/education/article/view/215


6.     Osabwa, W., Malenya, F. L., Ndichu, F. M. (2021). Kenya’s Philosophy of Education as the Missing Link between her Education and the Goal of Developing Skilled Human Resource. European Journal of Education and Pedagogy, 2(2), 37-42

7.     Osabwa, W., (2018). Unmasking the Façade that Characterize Education Reforms in Kenya. International Journal of Scientific Research Publications, 8(11), pp 63-68

8.     Osabwa, W., (2018). Sustainable Dreams and Unsustainable Development: Dishonest Discourses on Kenyan Education Researches. African Journal of Education, Science and Technology, 4(4), pp 191-198

9.     Ayieko, W., (2018). Is Gender Such a Big Deal? Demystifying the Kenyan Gender Metanarrative. International Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences (IJRESS), 1 (3), 38-46

10.  Osabwa, W., (2017). A Critique of the Pedagogies of Character Formation in Post-Independent Kenyan Schools. The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies, 5(10), 310-315

11.  Osabwa, W., (2017). Of Ritualistic Researches: The Case of Kenyan Universities, Faculty of Education. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, 6(12), 127-132. DOI No. 10.24940/ijird/2017/v6/i12/DEC17080




1.     3rd Biennial International Conference on Education, at Kenyatta University, Nairobi – September 19th to 21st 2018, held at Nairobi

2.     3rd International Conference for Gender Equality and Sustainable Development in Africa (EICGSDA 2018) – September 13th to 14th 2018, held at The Catholic University of East Africa in

1st Postgraduate Research Students Conference on Research, Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development – May 24th to 25th – at The University of Eldoret, Eldoret

Classes taught

He teaches educational foundations courses for undergraduates and postgraduate diploma students: Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Comparative Education and Sociology of Education

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Email: woyieko@au.ac.ke ; wycliffe.ayieko@yahoo.com

• Telephone number: +254722902079

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Twitter: @OsabwaWycliffe

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