Prof. John K. Chang’ach

• Professor of History

• Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Research and Student Affairs (ARSA)

• PF No. 0112


Professor John K. Chang’ach has wide experience in educational operations as pertains to teaching, research, and consultancy in Public organizations. He is a Professor of History. He attained his Ph.D from Moi University, Kenya. He has been in University academia undertaking teaching, supervision, and research for over 17 years. He has participated in several international and national research collaborations and was the Project Leader of the East and South African Centre of Excellence for Educational Research Methodologies and Management (CERM-ESA) at Moi University (Kenya) for 6 years, other partners included; Nelson Mandela University (South Africa), Uganda Management Institute (Uganda), University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and University of Oldenburg (Germany). Chang’ach was the Dean, the School of Education for 6 years. The school has had student population of over ten thousand students and two hundred faculty members. Chang’ach has experience in personnel mobilization, placement, and management and has appropriate technological awareness with high adaptation ability. His current research focus is on the education of the boy-child. From November 2023, he was appointed Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Research and Student Affairs (ARSA), Alupe University.

Academic Qualifications

2005 – 2010: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degree in History, Moi University

2000 – 2004: Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Degree in History, Moi University

1996 – 1999: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Arts Degree, Moi University

1987 – 1989: Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed.), Siriba Teachers’ Training College.

Research Interests

Erasmus+ Mobility program University of Trnava, Slovakia – Coordinators Prof. John K. Chang’ach & Prof. Branislav Pupala Ostfold University College, Norway Exchange Program – Coordinators Prof. Gunhild Brænne Bjørnstad, Prof. Kjersti Berggraf Jacobsen & Prof. John K. Chang’ach Africa – Initiation Grants for Internationalisation Collaboration Partnership (STINT) between Moi Univesity and Sweden (School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Örebro University) – Leaders Helge Räihä and John K. Chang’ach


Journal Publications:

1. Musyimi J. N. & Chang’ach J.K. (2023). Tests Utilization in Formative Evaluations in Secondary School Computer Studies Curriculum Implementation in Kenya. Greener Journal of Educational Research Vol. 13(1), pp. 65-72, 2023 ISSN: 2276-7789 International. https://gjournals.org/GJER

2. Rugut, C. K., & Chang’ach, J. (2023). Voices of Supervisors on Thesis Supervision Practices in Universities in Kenya. The Educator. ISSN - 1817-7654 (print) ISSN – 2960-3005 (online) Vol 3, No. 1. Website: https://journals.mu.ac.ke/index.php/edj/

3. Mwai, K. B, Chang'ach, J. & Kipsoi, E. (2023). Educational Aspirations Formation: A Kenyan Model. International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology (IJISRT). ISSN No:-2456-2165. Volume 8, Issue 8. http://www.ijisrt.com/

4. Mwai, K. B, Chang'ach, J. & Kipsoi, E. (2023). Educational Aspiration Formation: A social Construction Process. International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation (IJRTI). Volume 8, Issue 8 | ISSN: 2456-3315. www.ijrti.org

5. Irambona, A., & Chang’ach, J.K. (2023). Instructional Materials and Their Influences on Students’ Academic Performance: A Case of Post-Basic School English Curriculum in Burundi. Journal of English Language Teaching and Linguistics (ELTL), 8(3), Available online at www at www.jeltl.org doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.21462/jeltl.v8i3.1184

6. Barasa M. C., Chang’ach J.K, Kurgat S. J. & Proscovia N. S. (2023). Understanding Teacher Concerns in the Uganda Lower Secondary Curriculum Review through the Lens of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model. The Educator, a Journal of the School of Education, Moi University. ISSN - 1817-7654 (print) ISSN – 2960-3005 (online). Website: https://journals.mu.ac.ke/index.php/edj/

7. Kurgat Susan, Noel Japheth & Chang’ach John (2023). Redefining Postgraduate Research Supervisor Allocation as a Way of Improving Students’ Commitment towards the Research Project. The Review of Contemporary Scientific and Academic Studies. An International Multidisciplinary Online Journal ISSN: 2583-1380 Vol. 3 | Issue No. 3 | March 2023 Impact Factor: 4.736 (SJIF) www.thercsas.com The RCSAS (ISSN: 2583-1380).

8. Crossref/DOI: https://doi.org/10.55454/rcsas.3.03.2023.004

Classes taught

EDF 112 Character Education and Integrity

EDF 211 History of Education

HIS 311 Development of Historical Thought up to 1900

HIS 312 Research Methods in History

HIS 320 Development of Historical Thought Since 1900

EDF 811 Introduction to Educational Foundations

EDF 814 Research Methods in History of Education

EDF 823 Pre-Colonial Education in Africa

EDF 824 Education in Africa

RME 806 Educational Action Research

RME 904 Participatory Action Research

EDF 911 Thematic Approaches in History of Education

EDF 915 Growth and Development of Educational Policy and Legal Framework

EDF 912 Emerging Issues in History of Education

EDF 913 Archival Research Practice in History of Education

EDF 998 Research Proposal and Seminar 1 EDU 999 Research and Thesis Writing

Other relevant links

https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=rI-v_McAAAAJ&hl=en https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342900031_Political_ramification_on_educational_policy_in_colonial_kenya

Official Contact Details

• Email: dvcarsa@au.ac.ke

• Telephone number: +254722178602 (WhatsApp) & +254721856516