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Dr. Njue M. Murimi (Ph.D.)

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The Performance Contracting Implementation Structure for Alupe University (AU) includes the Office of Performance Contracting under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Finance and Development (DVC-AFD) & our lead champion is the Vice-Chancellor. The DVC-AFD plays a central liaison role between the various players and implementers. The critical part is linking the Performance Contracting Steering Committee and the Process Owners to the University Council. The Performance Contracting Steering Committee plays an oversight and advisory function across the whole process. Besides assisting the Process Owners in Setting, Negotiating, and Cascading the Annual Performance Targets, this Committee monitors the implementation progress through reviews, evaluations, and reporting to the University Management Board, Council, and External Agencies. At the heart of the Performance Contracting Steering Committee is the PC Secretariat which plays the day-to-day administrative and logistical functions of Performance Contracting. The Implementing Process Owners are the Deans of Schools, Heads of Departments, Heads of Sections, and Heads of Units. Performance Contracting is a mechanism under public sector reforms that aims at improving the performance of the public sector through targets and specifying agent performance in terms of results. Performance Contract is an agreement between the government of the Republic of Kenya through the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, and the Management of Alupe University. Performance contracting aims to establish clarity and consensus about priorities for the Alupe University management to ensure that systems are installed to promote equality of all users of public service is achieved. Performance contracting also focuses on ensuring impartiality and fairness in the process of delivery of public services. Institutionalizing a culture of accountability, integrity, transparency, and promoting values and principles of the public service. Ensuring effective, efficient, and responsible use of public resources and enhancing responsiveness by public servants in the delivery of services.

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Alupe University Office of Performance Contracting is mandated with the responsibility of overseeing the commitment of the University Council to the Government of Kenya and ensures that this commitment is honoured by setting comprehensive targets and ensuring their attainment. Therefore, the office must monitor the coordination, implementation, and reporting of the University Performance Contract progress.


The office is responsible for overseeing the commitment of the University management in setting compressive performance targets and ensuring their achievement, cascading the contract to all departments, sections, units, levels and cadre of employees for integration. The office is also responsible for assessing and submitting quarterly, mid-year and annual reports to designed agencies to monitor the progress of performance and evaluation of performance.

• To establish and promote good governance and a sound corporate image.

• To provide quality University education and training

• To institutionalize research and extension

• To develop quality physical and virtual infrastructure

• To institute income generating projects and programs

Annual Performance contracting Cycle

• Annual Performance Contracting Cycle